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Welcome to our new site! 

Kenneth M Wyner Photography Inc. has been serving up some of the most innovative and compelling images for over thirty-five years. Our work supports all aspects of the design and construction fields as well as the corporate sector, and fine art buyers. The underlying force of all our work is the consideration that each project, whether commercial, residential or corporate is given the sanctity and respect to be treated as a work of art. 

Ken Wyner is well known for a number of powerful exhibitions supporting the design community that have been praised by the critics and art community:

"Kenneth Wyner’s fantastical architecture" by Washington Post

"Structure of Spirit, Design of the Heart" by Toma

This site is the most comprehensive compilation of our work to date. Portfolios that traverse the spectrum of commercial projects, residential and corporate imaging, as well as highly unique techniques that create images that stand the test of time! All images are for sale and an extensive section details work that has been sold to corporations and small businesses for years as the final & sometimes driving accent of any space. We encourage designers, art buyers and individuals to peruse our work. 

The last fifteen years have brought colossal changes to the field of photography. Our firm was at the forefront of understanding and utilizing the amazing powers of Photoshop & Lightroom for fast post production and extremely reasonably priced retouching. We are now enjoying the technological advances of all the digital realms and passing the quality and ease of production on to our clients. We fully understand the new world of imaging, and the new realities and demands for lower cost. Again, our firm was one of the only firms to offer “long term no interest quantity contracts”, supplying major discounting for quantity commitments. This concept still works brilliantly allowing monthly payment plans, huge discounts and a constancy of quality! 

Speaking of quality, there is one quality that will never be supplanted or replaced and that is the very unique vision of each photographer. Ken Wyner has always had a very particular way of seeing his subjects. Depth, composition and timing are everything and we hope you always look to a photographer that will time and again give you the unique look you deserve! Creating Images That Work! Please don’t hesitate to write, or call with any questions. 

Ken Wyner

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