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For over forty years Ken Wyner has been photographing for architects, developers, restaurants, construction companies, national and international publications, as well as corporations large and small.


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The Fine Art of photography can only be best practiced by an experienced photographer who can orchestrate all the elements that make a powerful, lasting image. A great photographer brings an understanding of how to massage all the many elements that go into capturing a timeless moment. Composition, lighting, and perspective of course, but the complexities of security, timing, comfort and a genuine creative understanding of what emotion the viewer should feel are essential as well. The means to take a photograph are more accessible than ever these days, but the creation of great images is still determined by the eye of the photographer and their connection to the subject. Ken Wyner has been influential in creating a very specific visual dynamic for the public, the art world, corporations, architects, designers, developers, and construction companies. His amazing photographs impart both physical and emotional power. A photograph by Ken Wyner is not simply a snapshot, but a dramatic metaphor representing the entire embodiment of the subject. Ken Wyner creates iconic moments that will stand the test of time!

The services that we offer are used as ads in publications, award submissions, client presentations, annual reports, corporate art, residential art, and editorial work. We offer full service, including print production, framing as well as extensive retouching abilities. We can print on paper, glass, metal, wood and fabric.

Our history of interior and exterior architectural photography in the Washington DC area is unsurpassed. We have captured The Nationals Stadium Ballpark, The Washington Convention Center, Strathmore Music Hall, The Mormon Temple, Minibar by Jose ’Andres, Restaurant Eve, as well as The Local and Junction Restaurants, James Madison’s Montpelier, Crozet Library, in the Charlottesville area. Our work is displayed throughout the corporate world, and in permanent collections in the Smithsonian and NIH .We are consistently published as well as winning numerous awards every year. We offer long term no interest monthly payment plans, with substantial quantity discounts, which translate into very competitive pricing. We offer very flexible terms, as well as very low secondary usage right fees. We are quick on the job, and quick on post production, both of which save money!

If you are an architect, designer, art buyer, corporation, large or small, developer, construction company looking to enhance your workspace, generate great editorial coverage, stand out in awards programs, or have your website and presentation materials create buzz and awe, keeping the attention on your company, than you need our talent! We offer unique images of Washington DC as well as a large collection of unique images to put the final visuals to any space.

One moment is often all you have in this very busy world to capture the attention of new clients, so make it a Ken Wyner moment! Don’t squander that opportunity on average, low quality images. We trade great prices for an appreciation of quality work!

We have been creating Images That Work for over three decades. Take a look at the power of our work, and send us a message or give us a call and we can very quickly offer you a great deal. All the work on this site is for immediate sale and we are happy to explore unique requests for artwork production and technique.

Remember, it is not the short term cost that generates profit, it is the unique quality of an image that generates interest and income! Take a look at our extensive work, and don’t waste another moment!

“You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life.”

– Joan Miro

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